Inflammable Mass

Like refractory concrete, refractory mass (furnace mass) consists of various fillers and fine particles and is used in different ways. The attractions of this type of refractory materials, such as saving on construction costs, more production, ease of use, the possibility of using in various ways such as casting in place, prefabricated, casting in the form of bricks, blocks, integrated columns, etc. is. High strength even in the raw state, the possibility of using large components in the furnace building, reducing repair time, better wear resistance against chemical attacks, durability and stability, ease of transportation, etc. Increasing.

Nowadays, refractory mass (furnace mass) is not only used in metallurgical and ceramic industries such as iron and steel production and non-ferrous metals, casting, coking, etc. They are widely used, but it has opened its place widely in the chemical, electrical, aviation and even household industries. Until a few years ago, linings resistant to high temperatures were used in furnaces and other similar industrial devices with high temperatures, almost all of them were made in the form of precast and baked refractory bricks with relatively small dimensions and different designs. At present, the advantages of refractory mass (furnace mass) and the extent of their use have been very large.

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Refractory clays (refractory soil) are clays that have a high percentage of alumina. The amount of alumina in refractory clays (fire clay) is usually more than 25% and the amount of impurities (alkaline substances and iron oxides) is low. In another definition, any soil that withstands more than 1500 degrees Celsius and the amount of Al2O3 is significant is called refractory clay or fire clay. Most of these materials are used to prepare refractory bricks, furnace soil, furnace repairs, glass, Ceramics, types of furnaces, blocks of different shapes, insulating bricks, refractory mortars, special materials, mixtures and other products are used.

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Lime products

Quick lime

Quick lime or calcium oxide is the pure form of lime that has a wide range of applications in industrial sectors. This type of lime has alkaline properties and for its production it is necessary to process mineral limestone.

Hydrated lime

Hydrated lime (limewater) is actually another name for a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide with the chemical formula of 2(OH)Ca, which is a white powder with no boost. Hydrated lime has many applications in water and sewage treatment, medicine and dentistry

calcined lime

Calcined lime is obtained by heating limestone at a temperature of 1000 to 1200 degrees Celsius. In baking industrial lime, rotary or vertical kilns are used.

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