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In the name of God Entrepreneur

Ramadani Lime, Dolomite and Refractory Materials Factory produces and supplies calcined dolomite, calcined lime, hydrated and micronized lime, and all kinds of micronized powders.

And also all kinds of refractory materials, including all kinds of refractory bricks, mortars and refractory masses in order to meet the needs of the steel, copper, cement, construction industries, etc. Isfahan business started its activity in Razi Shahreza industrial town.

As you know, with the increasing growth of parent industries in Iran and the world, especially the steel industry, which is one of the main consumers of calcined and hydrated lime products, calcined dolomite and various refractory materials, the baking industry and the production of raw materials have gained a special place. Therefore, Mohammad Ali Ramezani Holding has based its strategies on the production and processing of quality non-metallic minerals as well as
It has implemented the production and supply of refractory products for various industries.

It is hoped that under the protection of Hazrat Haq, we will be able to take great steps towards the growth and development of this industry as well as dear Iran and neighboring countries.

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