Dolomite stone

Dolomite was first defined by a French geologist named Dolomide in 1791, who applied it to the Dolomite mountains of the South Tyrol region, and since then the name Dolomite has been applied to this mineral. Dolomite is calcium and magnesium carbonate, which is a mixture of calcite and magnesite with the chemical formula CaMg (Co3) 2. Dolomites have different uses in metallurgical industries, preparation of dolomite refractory bricks, or use in glass and ceramic industries, etc.

Dolomite mineral and limestone have many similarities. Both materials are available in different colors. They also have similar hardness and dissolve in dilute hydrochloric acid solution. Carbonate stones such as limestone and dolomite soil are widely used in construction and neutralization of acids.

Dolomite mineral has a triangular-rhombic crystal structure, which is formed in the form of white, gray and pink crystals. The structure of dolomitic lime is two carbonates with alternating composition of calcium and magnesium ions. Powdered dolomite does not dissolve as quickly as calcite in a dilute solution of cold hydrochloric acid.

Dolomite products

Calcined dolomite

The mineral dolomite with the chemical formula CaMg(CO3)2 is fully exposed in three directions. Most dolomites are found in cream-gray and gray-white colors, but some have been seen in other colors such as white, yellow, green, and black.

Sintered dolomite

Dolomite sinter is one of the carbonate minerals. This material has significant resistance and strength; For this reason, it has many uses in the industry. The production line of dolomite sinter is very advanced and modern, because all impurities must be separated from it to improve the quality characteristics of dolomite sinter.

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