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Ramadani Lime, Dolomite and Refractory Materials Factory produces and supplies calcined dolomite, calcined lime, hydrated and micronized lime, and all types of micronized powders, as well as all types of refractory materials, including refractory bricks, mortars, and refractory aggregates in order to meet the needs of the steel, copper, Cement, construction, etc. In 2012, it started its activity in Razi Shahreza Industrial Town by receiving the establishment license and then the exploitation license from Isfahan Mining Industry and Trade Organization.

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The main mineral of limestone is called calcite and its formula is CaCO3. The limestone used in the industry must contain at least 90% calcium carbonate. Limestone is often combined with clayey lime, sandy limestone and dolomite and is rarely found in pure form. Its important impurities include: magnesium, silicon, aluminum and manganese. Depending on how they are formed in nature, limestone has crystalline, crumbly, granular or lumpy forms. The presence of calcite, quartz, dolomite or barite crystals may create small holes in limestone. Calcined lime (quick lime or quick lime) is obtained by baking limestone in a furnace at a temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius.


Dolomite is a double carbonate of calcium and magnesium. This mineral or dolomite stone was first identified in 1791 by a French geologist named DJ Dolomieu (dolomieu) who lived between 1750-1801, and since then this mineral was called dolomite or dolomite stone. Dolomite-containing rocks are known by the same name as dolomite or dolomitic limestone. Calcined dolomite is obtained by baking dolomite in a furnace at a temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius. Purity, quality and constituent elements of dolomite stone play a significant role in the production of calcined dolomite.

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